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Teddy Turner

“We’ve got a real shot to change things and I’m afraid if we don’t do it, this country’s all over.” Teddy Turner, National Chairman of The Silent Majority tells CNN’s Don Lemon.

Robert E. “Teddy” Turner IV
National Chairman

Supporting Donald Trump for President

Who is The Silent Majority? We are a group of proud Americans determined to give a voice to the overwhelming majority who are frustrated with the status quo in Washington and who see the special character of America slipping away. We are Republicans, Independents and like-minded Democrats. We come from every walk of life, every demographic, every religion and every race – we are here to take our country back.

We are the people who occupy the space between the extreme left and the extreme right and we will no longer sit in silence and watch the degradation of this great nation. We are rising to fuel a movement to restore American values and the integrity of representative government as an extension of the people – not the pawns of lobbyists, special interest groups or populist agendas.

Donald Trump is a true American success story, a proven leader, a successful businessman, a dedicated father and someone who deeply loves this country – he is not a career politician. He speaks freely and honestly to the American people about the challenges we face as a nation – not with politically correct responses and prepared statements.

These liberating qualities have made him a champion of the working class and all other Americans who have had enough of the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington. We have voted for him in unprecedented numbers and he is now the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party – and a threat to the old order.

The attacks on Donald Trump will be relentless and a biased media is all too willing to stoke the fires of division to ensure ratings and their own financial gain. The inevitable character assassination and a campaign of misinformation is well underway and it is incumbent on all Americans to look past the distractions and acknowledge they have a choice – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The Silent Majority has found their voice and we stand prepared to defend Donald Trump as our choice to be the next President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate insider and the epitome of what is wrong with Washington. Donald Trump is an outsider with the strength and conviction to challenge the status quo and the only option for those who truly seek to preserve the America we love for future generations.

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The Pledge to Renew America is a commitment by elected officials, candidates and the American people to support real government reform. Our desire to restore our government’s ability to serve the people must be matched by our will to see this through. Transparency and the rule of law are fundamental to our cause and political correctness must take a back seat to speaking honestly about the state of our nation and resolving the issues which subvert the power of the people.

Each of us must do our part to renew our government. By signing this pledge, you agree to support these basic tenants of reform. Support manifested not only with your votes as an elected official or as an American citizen, but also your commitment to participate in the process that will “restore the faith and trust of the American people in their government”.[1]

[1] Contract with America, 1994

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